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Q. I am going on holiday and want to learn to dive. Can I learn with iDive?

A. If you just want to learn just for holiday diving learning with iDive is probably not the best choice for you. You will be better off learning with a commercial diving school.

Q. I’ve tried diving on holiday and want to do more. Is joining BSAC a good option?

A. Yes! Our club does a whole range of different diving around the UK and abroad throughout the year so it’s a great way to get more diving done and build your experience and knowledge.

Q. Is diving an expensive hobby?

A. Setting yourself up with all the basic equipment can be quite expensive. Expect to spend around £1000 from new to get you going (used equipment is often available and a good option to start). Once you have all the basics the on-going costs are not to bad including things like air fills, about £5 per fill, equipment servicing, about £150 a year and trips. Trip costs will depend on where to and for how long. Typically a one day, two dives, trip on a chartered hard boat will cost about £50 plus travel and or accommodation, food and drink.

Q. I’ve learned with another organisation, can I transfer to BSAC?

A. Yes! We welcome anyone who has learned to dive with other organisations such as PADI. There may be a few things to add to make sure you are familiar with BSAC training but the core skill will be the same. You can dive with us within your training limits immediately after you have joined us.

Q. How is iDive club run?

A. Like most BSAC clubs iDive is run by its members who are all volunteers. The club’s success and activities all rely on its members getting involved. The club is only ever as good as its members make it but there is lot of advice and support available from BSAC HQ for anyone willing to get involved – which of course is very rewarding.

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