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Costa Rica diving

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Costa Rica Diving.

Although this was not a club dive trip, I thought you might be interested in diving in Costa Rica. Fi and I went on a two-week tour of Costa Rica in early March and then spent a few days on the Pacific coast diving. I wouldn’t recommend going to Costa Rica just for the diving but a few days of diving was a great add-on to our holiday. Paul and Alison Cranehad recommend Playas del Coco on the NW coast as a dive location and RocketFrog as the dive company, so we did just that! Diving is easy. The water temperature was about 25C, so you only need a thin wetsuit at best, and the viz was 7m to 15m for us. Apparently, the viz is very variable and can range from 1m(!) to 25m. Very little or no current to worry about, and dives typically from 10m to 30m deep. There are plenty of dive sites close to Coco (a 20-minute boat journey), called Papagayo and the more interesting (supposedly) CatalinasIslands are about a 50-minute boat journey. We dived the sites in Papagayo 4times and the Catalinas twice.

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