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Dive calendar 2024

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Here is the first draft of the iDive 2024 diving calendar.

iDive dive calendar 2024 as at Feb’24

Please contact the expedition leaders shown on the chart, if you want to join the dive.

The committee wishes to encourage less-experienced divers to organise dives, and you should not be put off by the scale of the task.

In the first instance, a dive organiser would at least: 1. Identify a dive location, 2. Agree it with the D.O., 3. Canvass for club divers to join you, and 4. Identify accommodation.

The dive marshaling and organisation can be done at the dive site with help and advice from the D.O. or other experienced divers.

So please start the dive-planning process, then consult experienced divers around you to make it happen – there will be plenty of help.

If you think this is aimed at you – it probably is.


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