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Diving the Deutschland

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Six club members (Mel S, Dave G, Jim S, Tom S, Alex W, and me), supported by our boatman Ian Brown (many thanks Ian)  dived the Deutschland wreck which is about 15NM off the coast and 25NM from Felixstowe (about halfway to Ramsgate on the Kent coast). This was a first dive on the Deutschland for our club and, probably, the furthest we’ve taken the RIB.

The day was glorious: flat calm sea, sunny and warm. We hooked straight into the wreck and the viz at the surface looked ok (2 to 3m). At depth, we only had about 1m Viz at best and we saw very little of the wreck. I saw plenty of mollusks and starfish but little else!

This is, apparently, a great dive in reasonable viz and we should return, sometime.


Dave G fished and caught lots of pouting and one decent pollock. Jim and I caught a crab each.



Overall, a very enjoyable day. Shame about the viz.

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