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Do you want to complete your Ocean Diver training overseas?

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Why would you?

  1. You can train year-round during the winter season when the waters are cold in the UK.
  2. You are provided with more varied options for learning to dive.
  3. You can postpone the need to buy a drysuit – often a stumbling block (hopefully the trip will seal a love of diving)

What to do:

  1. Complete the theory and pool training with your club before travelling to an overseas BSAC Centre of their choice.
  2. Choose one of the BSAC-approved centres:  Overseas BSAC Centres – British Sub-Aqua Club

What other clubs are saying:

High Wycombe Sub-Aqua Club Diving Officer Amanda Chandler did an Ocean Diver referral back in 2010 with BSAC Centre Maltaqua. Since learning, she has now progressed through her club to become an instructor and Diving Officer. Ocean Diver referrals are something that they don’t formally offer but have suggested to some of their trainees this year. Amanda said:

UK diving is challenging for those new to the sport and making it easier in warmer waters with better visibility during training can only encourage more people to pursue it.


The cost is £450 to go to either Hurgharda (Red Sea) or Cyprus by contacting markpaisey@bsac.com at BSAC HQ. Mark can also quote for other centres if you contact him. The price quoted is based on a 5-day package which includes OD training plus 2 days of fun dives, transfers, accommodation, and equipment.

Flights are extra. I suggest anyone wanting the cheapest flights, looks midweek to midweek.


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