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Free funding for training activities

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Stuart Smith’s (a much missed formative club member) parents bequeathed £5000 to the club a few years ago. Your committee decided that it would be most appropriate to use this generous donation to encourage club members to increase their instructing and boat-handling skills. Please see below for details of which training activities are currently covered by this donation:

  1. 50% of the course costs for attending (and hopefully passing)  the BSAC OWI (open water instructor) course. Travel and accommodation costs are not covered by the donation. This will help us improve our training skills and the number of OWI’s
  2. The towing, launching, and boat fuel costs for attending (and hopefully passing)  the coxswain’s assessment. We would use our own boats. This will help us improve our ability to offer diving using our club boats.

If you are interested in undertaking some of this training, we encourage you to make use of the donation – please speak to one of your committee members for further information.

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