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October Round Table

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This was our first monthly ’round table’ meetings, held last week at The Nelson pub. It was great to see those of you that could make it there at 9:00pm. These meetings have been suggested as a chance to talk face-to-face about what’s planned in the coming months; diving, training and socials. It’s a chance to ask questions, make suggestions of your own and give feedback to your club’s committee. It is of course also great to meet the other club members over a drink or two!

We talked about the current dive calendar for next year, what diving is confirmed and others that are provisional. Below is the latest version of the dive calendar. This will get updated as things progress. Please don’t forget that anyone can organise a dive or, ask to see if anyone else is interested if you have something in mind.

Also discussed was the suggestion list of informal training that Alan B had circulated. There has been a good response to taking the RHIBS out for the day next month but there’s a lot of other things that can be run as refresher courses over the winter. A list is below but, again, it can be added to, just let us know.

  1. VHF radio – how to use the club radios, how to make a call to another boat/shore, how to make a mayday (emergency) call etc. Paul C and I will run this.
  2. O2/BLS refresher – how to administer basic life support and how to use the club O2 kit. In an emergency, having everyone familiar  with these techniques and kit, may save a life. Dylan will run this.
  3. Chart work. How to use a chart to find the location of a dive site, plot a course and work out when it’s best to dive (slack water usually) etc. Paul C, Dave L and I will run this.
  4. Dave L has offered to run a lecture on diving some 1st world war wrecks.
  5. Dry suit course (this will be a formal course), if we can arrange an instructor and the loan of suitable dry suits.
  6. Sessions at Colchester pool to make use of a bit more depth (3m).

If you are interested in any of the above let the organisers know and if you would like to see anything else added just send an email to the club (idive@idive.org.uk) to see if there’s anyone else interested.

Finally, let us (an of the club committee) know if the time and venue works for this or if you like to see anything different. We look forward to seeing you at the November meeting.

Many thanks,

iDive committee

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