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Try scuba diving

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Try scuba diving with a £25 taster session

Would you like to try scuba diving? If you have always wanted to learn to scuba dive or are simply curious about scuba, a Try Dive with iDive is the perfect introduction. In the safe confines of pool/leisure centre, a qualified BSAC Instructor will introduce you to the thrill of breathing underwater for the very first time!

We run Try Dives on Thursday evenings as regularly as we can at iDive (sessions will depend on available equipment and instructors). All you will need is a swimming costume or shorts, and a t-shirt to wear in the water. We’ll provide all the rest!

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See what Fin thinks of diving with iDive as a recent joiner:

I started diving with BSAC towards the end of 2022 with the beginners’ Ocean Diver course. Diving was something I always wanted to try but never really knew where to begin. I spent hours on Google looking for the right ‘school’ for me, but as I had no friends that were divers, I never undertook training for fear I’d have no one to go with!

In autumn 2022 a friend of mine told me about BSAC, which was a club as opposed to a school. Immediately I was interested as I really wanted to meet new people and have people to go diving with. BSAC ticked everything I wanted; great trainers with years of experience, solid friendships, and fantastic diving opportunities as well as social events.

I began with Ocean Diver which is the first course I needed to complete. The training occurred once a week, occasionally twice for a lecture, which meant I could always fit it around work without needing to take annual leave or spend more on accommodation for a weekend. The weekly input was great for me as the learning was thorough and I could spend pool sessions practicing the key skills needed to be a safe diver. I didn’t feel rushed at all, and everything was taught at a pace suited to us as new divers. Diving is a great experience, but it can be daunting to begin with, but the trainers were very patient and respectful to our individual learning styles.

The trainers were also amazing when it came to buying our own equipment and gave us a great deal of insight into the pros and cons of certain brands, and always showed us exactly how something worked. Diving equipment can be very personal, and everyone is different! What works for one doesn’t always benefit another. The trainers were always there to answer questions and help us choose kit that was best suited to us as individuals.

This week we attended Stoney Cove Dive Centre to complete our Ocean Diver qualifying dives. This was genuinely one of the best things I have ever done. The feeling of being 20 metres underwater and in an environment that many never see was fascinating, and I am so excited to go on more dives with iDive!

I would whole heartedly recommend BSAC, particularly Ipswich iDive for anyone wanting to start their diving journey. If you’re looking for genuine knowledge, a comfortable learning environment and a great social aspect, BSAC iDive could be just for you.

What to expect

  • We’ll introduce you to your Instructor who will tell you what will happen.
  • You can also chat to the rest of us about anything you like and have any questions answered.
  • Before your Try Dive you will be asked to read and complete a medical form.
  • Your Instructor will run you through a few basic safety procedures along with a brief explanation of your SCUBA equipment.
  • Once you are comfortable and happy, we can try swimming underwater and allow you to experience the feeling of weightlessness underwater.

What do I need to bring?

Just your normal swimming gear plus a t-shirt – this helps to make wearing the dive gear more comfortable for most people.

Can anyone do a Try Dive?

There’s a minimum age limit of 10. Please note that before your Try Dive you will be asked to complete a Try Dive medical and responsibility declaration form before your session.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! We can run several Try Dives on the same night. Or, if you have friends or family who would just like to watch, that’s fine too, just bring them along!

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Book your Thursday evening Try Dive session with a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. For just £25, we will provide the pool, kit and bags of fun!

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